RX Original Elbow Sleeve 5mm

– Prevent Mild elbow instability

– Improves blood circulation

– Sold individually

Sale price399 SEK

Color: Blue
Size: XS
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Elbow support has high durability

5mm thick RX Original Elbow Sleeve is a favorite among athletes. The elbow support has high durability and is developed to withstand hard and regular use. The support is anatomically designed, which contributes to increased comfort level and improved support distributed throughout the joint. Additionally, the support also has warming and compressive properties, which increase your muscle control and performance.


Prevent inflammation and overuse


– Prevent Mild elbow instability

– Improves blood circulation



5mm thick neopren that ensures a balance between support and optimal performance in a variety of movements.


Patented, Anatomical 4-panel design. Fits great and stays in place while you workout.


The solid and flexible elbowsleeve is perfect for a wide variety of different sports such as, running, lifting, cycling and much more.

How to find your size

We take great pride in our Size Charts. Enabling you to find your fit so that you can reach your limits. Finding the right size and fit is just as important for the performance output as choosing the type of support. Follow this simple RX Original Elbow Sleeve Size Guide before placing your order.